TPACK in Education




What is TPACK?

TPACK consists of 3 types of knowledge activities.  Content knowledge, Pedagogy knowledge, and Technology Knowledge. Educators are well versed in Content, (the what) and Pedagogy (the how) of teaching, but may lack experience incorporating the technology into pedagogy practices. Here is a quick video that explains it. 


(Image shared with permission from                                                                                                                 

On pondering these areas, I believe that teachers need to be strong in Content and Pedagogy in prior to effectively incorporating technology.  All the technology in the world will not correct or fix a poorly planned lesson or activity.  Another option is for teachers strong in pedagogy skills to work with a teach strong in technology skills.  Working together they utilize each other’s strengths and assist each other in developing quality lessons as this TPACK video demonstrates.  

Educators must give thoughtful consideration as to what lessons technology can enhance and diligently plan its implementation.   As a higher education instructor,  I was recently surprised to find that my current student, all who fall under the tags of “Millennial” or “Digital Native” are not that into technology when it comes to education.  The general consensus is that it adds more work for them and they feel like they are teaching themselves.  This video on TPACK and Instructional Design speaks about performing a technology audit prior to planning in order to ensure that all students will have the experience and needed resources for the lessons.  An audit like this could also include survey questions that can test the waters for attitudes on technology and learning.  

In considering whether to incorporate technology into my own lessons I need to consider:

  • What technology are students experienced using?
  • What are their attitudes in using this for education?
  • Do the activities enhance understanding of what is being taught in the classroom?
  • Will the activities be seen as a positive addition or overwhelm the students?

Only after answering these questions, could one combine technology with content and pedagogy for learning. 







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