An Adventure in Apps Smashing

My classmates,  and I were given the assignment to come up with a creative way to tell others how to do something using the App Smash process.  After brainstorming, we decided to attempt a humorous approach to cooking.  Namely a Beer Can Chicken.

We began the project by taking digital images of the cooking process, including a few props.  These were then uploaded.  After researching different apps and finding they did not work well,  we finally found Photofy, CapDisLite, OneSrop Photo and iMovie to achieve our goal. Photofy was used to create a recipe card like background. OneStop Photo Notes was used to cut selected areas out of the photo.  Text bubbles were added with  CapDisLite.  The photos were then made into a youtube video via iMovie.

This project gave us the opportunity to try out multiple apps.  It also made us think about how different apps can be used to achieve a goal.  The project cannot always be done from start to finish with one app.  There are so many different apps that can be used.  It helped to google what we wanted to do toe get a list of various apps to try.  We also searched YouTube to see how to use some of the apps.

Here is the Pampered Chicken


4 thoughts on “An Adventure in Apps Smashing

    • It was fun even thought there were some frustrating moments like when the one app only allowed us 10 characters on the trial version. Don’t remember which one it was we looked at so many. Another one we could only do one picture. 😦


  1. I will be brutally honest. I’m not very fond of creating media on smartphones or tablets. That’s why I carry a 15 inch MacBook Pro and use a MacPro at home. I can see how this would most likely be fun for younger students who love their small form devices. For me, it generally frustrating to use low powered devices with small displays and hollowed our applications to work with images and video. I’d much rather use tablets or smartphones to read, write, take quick unimportant photos or video clips, and primarily communicate with an array of social media apps, email, text, and phone. I’m also fond of the note app, calendar, alarm clock, and GPS navigation. Although the iPad Pro is not selling till November, from what I’ve read, it seems to have a lot more functionality, power, split screen and larger display that might possibly offer the utility of a mid-grade laptop computer. I’m pretty sure I would still want my MacBook.


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